Friday, June 3, 2011

New Blog, New Goals (or, do you want to come over to our house and build a fort?)

A couple nights ago Truman and I came up with a list of things we want to do in the next know, to celebrate our new (and more fun) post-grad school life. The list ended up getting a little unwieldy but whatever, I'm pretty sure we can two-birds-one-stone this business. You know, like have our neighbors over form some eggplant parm and to build a fort in our living room. I'm sure they will think that was perfectly normal. Good times.

1. Teach Emmy to walk on a leash.
2. Go backpacking near Lake Charles.
3. Fly a kite.
4. Take a golf lesson.
5. Ride an alpine slide.
6. Go ice skating.
7. Soak in the Orvis hot springs. Done! Read about it here.
8. Enjoy some wine tasting on the western slope. Done! Read about it here.
9. See the aspen leaves when they are actually turning (rather than the week after they fall). Done! Read about it here.
10. Go on a hut trip.
11. Spend the night at a B&B. Done! Read about it here.
12. Spend at least 10 evenings on rooftop patios.
13. Take the tour at Celestial Seasonings.
14. This one is whole life doesn't need to be on the interwebs, ok?
15. Pretend it's 1957 by hosting a progressive dinner party.
16. Take a salsa lesson and spend the evening dancing.
17. Find the best mojito in Denver.
18. See the Pirate exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Done! Read about it here.
19. Dress up and check out a Denver Cruiser ride. Done! Read about it here. 
20. Buy something cheap or knock-off-y at the Mile High Marketplace Flea Market. Done! Read about it here.
21. Make cake balls.
22. Make homemade ice cream.
23. Build a fort in the living room and protect it from Emmy.
24. Bike to brunch. Done! Read about it here. 
25. Relax under the stars at an event at Red Rocks. Done! Read about it here.
26. Check out a local band at Swallow Hill.
27. Teach Olivia to shake.Done! Read about it here.
28. Check out Slam Nuba at the Crossroads Theater.
29. Go to Yoga, more than twice.
30. Learn (basic) swing dancing together.
31. Read a (basic) CRT book together.
32. Scrapbook.
33. Talk a friend into trusting us to babysit their child.
34. Feel small at Dinosaur Ridge.
35. Volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity pumpkin patch.
36. Go to Frozen Dead Guy Days.
37. Eat fried food at a county fair. Done! Read about it here. 
38. Pretty up the home office. Done! Read about it here.
39. One random act of kindness each month.
40. Make baked Eggplant Parmesan.
41. Come up with a creative way to say I love you each month.
42. Have dinner with our neighbors.

Oh, and you're all invited to join in for the fun! Well, except for maybe number 14. But, serious, come over, teach our dog to shake and lend us your baby!

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  1. I am totally happy to let you take Mason for a week...just to make sure you get it right ;) Love you cousin! I am so proud of the young lady you have become. Just a few short years ago life wasn't so happy and you turned that around and now you have a beautiful life. Life is only up for you....your skies the limit!