Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shake, Rattle...Roll?

You ever have those days were the commercials on the radio are just MAGICAL? No? It's just me? Well, maybe you should be paying more attention to the radio because today, it was pretty amazing.

First was my all time favorite, the don't shake your baby commercial (also did you know you could go to dontshakeyourbaby.com for resources!?). Here's what I wonder though, does the commercial actually work? Maybe it's just me, but I don't think of the baby shakers of the world as the most rational people. Are there really people out there who were going to shake their baby, but heard the commercial and decided it was a poor idea? Or, better yet, did they listen to the commercial but think, "You know, this not shaking the baby stuff is interesting but I'm not convinced. Their stats could be off. I'm going to need some more resources on this one." And then go out and visit f'ing dontshakeyourbaby.com?

I think the guy who goes to the baby shaking website might actually be scarier than the one who just goes straight to the baby shaking. Frightening shit.

The next commercial was even more magical. It was a 1-800 number looking for volunteers to test a new kind of birth control. I'm not a doctor but testing birth control sort of sounds like testing shark bite repellent...there really only seems to be one way to know if that stuff works. I almost called. I want to know what happens if it doesn't work. Do they pay for the resulting baby? Its college tuition? What the fuck does that waiver look like?

Also, I'm pretty sure that the people who sign up for the birth control study are the same ones who look into shaking their baby.


  1. Would you judge me if I went on that website now that I know of its existence?

  2. dontshakeyourbaby.com to me reads like dont shakey our baby which is the same thing but cooler sounding

  3. Rachel, only if you were doing it in order weigh your options. :)