Friday, February 17, 2012

So Long Silver

Last week we said farewell to the silver bullet. Truman's '96 Honda Civic bit the dust. Well, actually it hit another car but no need to nitpick. These things happen, and that's what insurance is for. 

As totaling your car goes, this was kind of ideal. No one was hurt, insurance will take care of the other person's car and Truman's parents had an extra car we were able to borrow for the week. And....drum roll...we moved up in the world... meet the silver bullet's grown up sister:

On Monday we bought a brand new (to us) 2008 Honda Civic. We figure Truman got 180,000 miles out of the last one, we might as well stick with what works. Except this one has power steering (!!), a sun roof, power windows and locks, anti-lock breaks, cruise control and stereo controls on the steering wheel. None of which were available on the silver bullet. Oh, and only 52,000 miles.

We weren't exactly planning on buying a new car this week, but I think it worked out. Oh, and we got it the same day I started a new job...more on that later.

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  1. Congrats on the (very beautiful) new car! :-) And... on the new job? Excited to hear about the updates! PS - I never responded to the sweet note you wrote to me with your recommendation re lawyers. I would never go with an accountant ;-) but I'm so grateful you're looking out for me... wish I could have YOU as my immigration attorney!