Thursday, March 1, 2012

'Cause I'm a Fancy Smancy Grown Up

These are my new fancy pink headphones that I rock at work. You know 'cause I'm a grown up like that.
I've been doing doc review for a midsized law firm in Denver for the past couple weeks. Doc review (for you non-lawyers out there) is exactly what it sounds like. I work for a law firm on a contract basis and my primary responsibility is to nose through 1,000 - 2,000 copies of other people's emails a day (people who are getting sued, to be more precise). Needless to say, an ipod is mandatory equipment. It has long been my maxim that Cher and Madonna can make any task more enjoyable. 
Turns out the earbuds that come with your ipod become really unpleasant after oh...say...4.5 hours. Consequently, I decided to upgrade (to the super fancy $20 kind!). They came in normal colors like white and black...and also pink. I can be so conservative in so much of my appearance I decided to rebel a little. Normal people might rock some thigh high boots or get a tattoo. I decided to get pick earbuds. It's gettin' pretty wild and crazy up hear on the 17th floor.

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