Sunday, April 22, 2012

I won something on the radio!

I've been calling radio stations and trying to win tickets to various concerts since I was  about 13 years old (damn you elusive *NSYNC tickets!)...and on Friday I finally won something! Art Alexakis tickets.

Now, it's possible that I was the only person in Denver that wanted these, but I was really excited. Alexakis is/was (not sure on the tense) the lead singer of Everclear, which was pretty much my favorite band in middle/high school. 15 year old me never got to go to an Everclear show....which made the smaller 2012 acoustic version in the Hard Rock all that much cooler.

Small shows are my favorite. 

 So what if he's kind of a jerk...the middle schooler still inside of me was pretty darn thrilled. 

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  1. So Everclear was pretty much my favorite band in middle/high school too. I had no idea Art was solo now...though apparently an Everclear album called "Invisible Stars" is coming out in three weeks.

    Is he kind of a jerk? How so?

    How was the show? What did he play?

    He's 50! How about that?

    Slow Motion Daydream is a surprisingly excellent post-peak album, check it out if you haven't already.