Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Happy Together - The Engagement Story

As I mentioned, we got engaged yesterday.

It was the third anniversary of the day we met and we had planned to go out to dinner that night. Our normal celebration is to go to the brunch place where we had out first date but I had an early day at work so that got nixed. Well, the unfortunate thing is that I got a horrible bout of food poisoning the night before. Pretty sure that I didn't sleep more than 45 consecutive minutes. And I've never seen that much puke come out of my own body. When we went to bed, Truman insisted that I take a mixing bowl with me...just in case. Turns out it was a masterful move on his part.

When I filled the bowl less than an hour later, he even cleaned it out for me...that's how you know it's love. He's willing to clean up after my food-poisoned self.

The next day I, obviously, had to call in sick to work, and sometime around 2p Olivia, Roxy, and I decided we should migrate from the bed to the couch. Truman had checked in to see if I needed anything and if I still thought we should go to dinner. Well, I really wanted to go to dinner so I kept telling him I decided in an hour. Around 5p I finally admitted that I hadn't gotten dressed yet, postpone our reservation for a day, and decided to order soup. We'd gotten gifts for each other and decided to exchange them over dinner. My gift came in two shoe-sized boxes. The first was a new pair of work-appropriate shoes and the second had a smaller (ring) box inside. As I opened it he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes.

The proposal wasn't a scene out of the bachelor and it wasn't the romantic dinner out that we he had was better. It was authentic. We didn't need to be in fancy clothes or at an expensive meal. Soup and pajamas are real life. And if we can have romantic moments during real life recovery from food poisoning, then I think we're looking pretty good. While we're both looking forward to the happy wonderful times in the rest of our life together, I think what I'm more proud of is out ability to handle the not so happy wonderful times. It couldn't have been a more perfectly imperfect proposal.

The ring on the other hand is just plain perfect. We'd discussed styles that I liked a few months back and then he did the selecting (since the whole think was a surprise to me). The ring is modern and feminine (my style) and still ornate (very much him), it's pretty cool how much thought he put into this ring representing the blend of the two of us. And that it definitely makes me think of him when I look at it. I love it.

The tragic part of the story is that the sickness seems to have been a stomach bug rather than food poisoning...because tonight, Truman caught it. Seven rounds in the restroom in two hours means we had to push the reservations back another few days...and it's my turn to be on bowl duty.

In sickness and in health. There isn't anyone I'd rather have a stomach bug with. :)


  1. I love this post and I really really love you. :)

  2. Aww congrats! That's awesome news! And I agree with you, it doesn't always have to be a perfect movie moment, because real life isn't like the movies! I think the way it came about was so cute, and I love your ring!


  3. My gosh! Congratulations! See you guys soon.