Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yes, all these people are related to me.

A funny thing happens when you get engaged. For two weeks everyone asks if you've set a date...and then they magically switch immediately over to asking when you're going to have babies. The truth is, we're still on the fence about the babies. What? I happen to like having disposable income for online shopping. It's the truth.

This isn't to say we haven't talked about it. And I do know this: I picture big family holidays like the ones I always had. I'm just not sure that I need all the people at them to be biological family. I have this hippie fantasy about open adoptions, biological parents that sometimes have issues with addiction, lots of gay "uncles" and hoards of people that are connected to us but did not, in fact, come out of my vagina all joining us for Christmas. Truman may take some convincing about the open adoptions with the addict bio parents...I'll keep you posted on what we finally decide. Suffice to say, future Christmases at our house are sure to be awesome.

When we were at my cousins wedding last weekend I realized that I got some of this idea because my extended family is so crazy and fun. If you didn't grow up with nearly 20 aunts and uncles and a gaggle of cousins you don't know what you're missing.

Maddie, who is technically a second cousin. 

Wyatt, Rich, and "little" Phil 

My parents 

Bliss, in the cutest maid of honor dress I think I've ever seen. 

Christie, Wyatt, and Phil

My brother, rockin' the wedding ring. 

Rebecca and Mark 

My sister in law Ashley. She is definitely not on the fence about the babies. She made this face at Maddie for most of the night. 

And of course, the lovely couple. 

Thank you to Breegan and Patrick for having us at your beautiful wedding. 

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