Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gettin' Some Tail

Tails & Typos is once again a three tail household! Meet Katy. Yes, I know, we tried this once before and it was the most stressful periods of our relationship. And, I really liked that coffee table

When we met, Truman's mission in life was to get a german shorthaired pointer. He seemed so knowledgeable about the breed that I agreed to getting a dog without doing any research.  The thing is, I am a city girl. Truman and I have no business owning a GSP. They have too much energy for a smaller house and we really can't have a dog that needs 10 miles a day worth or exercise. 

So, about six months ago Truman got puppy bigger dog fever again. We sort of checked out the animal shelters but none of the dogs seemed perfect. And parts of our fence are only 4 feet high. And it turns out we actually sort of leave town on the regular (you know, this and this and this). So we decided to hold off at least until we could build (read: pay someone to build) a taller fence. Plus, let's be honest, I had some PTSD from the Emmy experience. 

That was the plan until I started trolling the pets section on Craig's list. A family posted that they had to give their dog away because their mobile home park changed the rules. Truman skipped a networking meeting and we headed up to meet the dog. 

Truman was immediately smitten kitten. And I was pleasantly surprised that she was sweet and smaller than expected. She heads to the vet for a checkup tomorrow but we think she's about two years old and maybe 35 pounds. Our best guess is that she's a flat-coated retriever mix (maybe a spaniel cross?). Hopefully everything checks out ok at the vet tomorrow because (so far) things are going swimmingly. She's a sweet, well behaved, silly dog. 

Isn't she pretty?

Look at those eyes!

See what I mean about being silly? She makes faces.

When we brought Emmy home I immediately panicked and began to cry. I worried about the "little pets" and what a change having a GSP would be for our lives. I didn't have the same anxiety with Katy. Sure, we both questioned our decision to (somewhat impulsively) adopt a dog we didn't know a ton about. But it wasn't panic...and so far things have gone well. The little pets aren't panicked either...but I'm not going to lie and say they are super excited about a younger dog joining the pack. I have a theory that everyone will settle into a nice rhythm soon. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My grandmother passed away on Valentine's day. She had been deteriorating for quite sometime so it wasn't a total shock. The complicated thing is that my grandmother was, well...complicated. There were times when we got along swimmingly (mostly  because I was 10 and she bought me every beanie baby one could find) but there were also times when, put simply, she wasn't a kind person. My mom boar the brunt of this more than anyone, so in later years, I decided to simply follow my mom's lead in deciding what kind of relationship we would all have. 

My grandma was a well groomed lady who never left the house without her nails and her hair done, she was a mother of nine, and a lover of Elvis. I often wondered what it would have been like to meet her as a child or teenager. Did she always want a big family? Did she come out of the womb with those red nails?

Humans are complicated. And families are complicated. And death is complicated. 

My grandmother grew up in Oregon so the whole family headed up to Portland and then Salem to have her service at her family's plot. The service was not a traditional one for us so parts seemed a bit odd (says the girl who had her Catholic(ish) family come to her Unitarian Universalist wedding) but it was nice to see everyone and neither Truman nor I had been to Oregon. The day before the service we spent some time sightseeing with my parents. 

I didn't take a single picture of Liz and I but we got to stay a night with my good friend Liz and her husband at their house in Salem. We also got to see Jeremy on our last day in town. He took us to a fabulous brunch and gave us a tour of downtown. I was having a rough time at work and it was wonderful to see some of the people who get me and love me unconditionally (you know, other than Truman, who you know...I get to be married to). For years, when I lived in LA, Liz and Jeremy felt more like members of family than friends so it was a nice twist of fate that we ended up getting to see them when my heart kind of needed that kind of friendship.

It's a tradition. Jeremy and I were taking selfies before selfies were cool.