Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crafty Canvas Wedding Anniversary Present

For our first wedding anniversary I ordered Truman one of those prints on canvass to hang in our bedroom. I used Photoshop to layer on a paragraph of my wedding vows to him. The camera phone picture below isn't perfect but I was really happy with the way the canvass came out. The only think I would have changed is I think would have ordered a frame for it. Oh well, Michael's or Aaron Brothers can probably make that happen. This project let me be a little crafty without making my husband pretend to be excited about some puff paint mason jar and glitter monstrosity. Puff paint is so 1995.

In a pretty funny great-minds-think-alike moment he also had a wedding picture blown up for me (except his had a frame). Thanks to our wedding anniversary our house is finally getting some decor on the walls. He also got me tickets to see Sarah McLachlan at Red Rocks. The concert is this Wednesday and I can't wait for date night!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The pet ownership thing is kind of getting out of control

Pug Life

So the results about Olivia one knows. After a spleenectomy and a liver biopsy all the vets know is that there's something up with her liver and while it's not cancer (woot! woot!) they don't actually know what's up so for now the treatment is...nothing. I think I've decided that this is a good thing. She went in for a doggy dental last week and we're just going to check her liver levels every 3-6 months and see how things go. But in true Olivia fashion, the drama isn't over. The new development: Olivia now poops in the house. Seriously. Starting last week, after the dental, she suddenly started pooping in the house. We don't really know why. A word to the wise though: don't look up "10 year old dog suddenly pooping in the house" on dog WebMD. It's awful. And, just like people WebMD, that shit will convince you that you/your dog are dying. I don't actually think Olivia has all the terrible things the internet is telling me about (Stroke of the rectum! What!?). I think the more likely thing is that it's just been a stressful couple months and she is well, kind of loosing her shit (pun intended). People tell me about their toddlers sort of regressing when they bring a new baby home and I've decided that this is the same thing. We're going to try to do a little potty training refresher course, hope that the pug health problems mellow out and life (and restroom procedures) return to normal.

Speaking of Vet Visits 

Katy thought Olivia was getting too much attention and decided to contract some sort of eye-funk infection similar to pink eye. Over $100 later the treatment is that we have to put gel (yes, gel. Not drops, that would be too easy) in her eye twice a day. Turns out dogs don't really want you to put goop in their eye. So every morning and every night Truman tackles the dog and pries her eye open while I lay on the ground with doggy neosporin and try to get it into her eye. Meanwhile, Olivia is convinced the antibiotic is some sort of treat that we're not giving to her and spends the whole 3 minute ordeal trying to get in on the action.

And Because Good Things Come in Threes

The cat also picked up the conjunctivitis. The good news is that she's much easier to pin down. The bad news is that we think the nightly goo-ing has inspired her to cheat on us (as most cats do, apparently). She found a way to sneak out the back of our fence and has been spending considerable time out of our yard. Chicken wire will be making an appearance this week.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Go Read Debra Monroe's NYT Piece about Elite Parents and Volunteering

Now that I live in a pretty privileged life I often find myself feeling somewhat out of place. Now, to be fair, I was a raging liberal by the age of six (I blame 90210...Donna Martin Graduate!) who grew up in a republican household in the land of mega churches so I've always felt a little out of place. But there's something uniquely strange about living differently from how your family lived when you were a kid.

I just finished reading this NY Times blog post about the kind of parents who are able to volunteer in classrooms and it really resonated. Now, it's obviously not true for everyone, my mom actually did regularly volunteer in the classroom and she was someone who earned an hourly wage. My dad worked in the construction industry and was the president of the board for our local little league so there are obvious exceptions. But at Occidental College and in law school I was one of the few students who always worked an hourly job. I regularly missed study groups because they were scheduled on less than the two weeks notice that I would need request the time off. I've watched the way that the culture in college, and then law school, and then community group meetings has bent and catered to more affluent people and I liked the way the article captured the problem. For those of us who realize that people at different economic levels have different norms and realities there's probably a lot we can do to make our communities more inclusive.