Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Linq and High Roller Las Vegas

The Palms has a really great 24-hour checkout policy where if you book online you get to check out 24 hours after you checked in (instead of the normal 11a check out) so if you check in at 5p, you can check out of 5p the next day (or two days later or whatever). This was great because we could use the pool or leave our stuff in the room until we were ready to head to the airport. Very convenient.

We spent most the day wandering around the strip at the new Linq shopping center. "Los Angeles" seems to be the theme of new development in Las Vegas which is pretty fun. Poloroid has opened a "Fotobar" which prints cute coaster-like prints for a dollar. We thought about getting some but couldn't think of anything we needed printed. 

Attack of the giant flamingo!

I think Truman does a better flamingo than I do. I've sort of got a special chicken thing happening.

 The real flamingos are more sophisticated than we are. 

In true Las Vegas fashion the folks who own Cesar's have recently build the "High Roller," the world's largest ferris  observation wheel (but if you call it a ferris wheel people get offended). At 550 feet it's taller than the London eye (which is only 443 feet tall, sucka). Each "cabin" holds up to 40 people but since we were there (and you know...day drinking) at 11a there weren't very many riders. It turns out most people in Vegas don't do much before 1p. My husband, on the other hand, wakes up at 6a (seriously we had to go get snacks so he could munch on something before the buffet opened). We ended up getting out own bubble to ride in and Truman was excited about having his own space for a while (he was a great sport of hanging out in crowds for his crowd-loving wife's 30th birthday). I'm not sure if I'd pay full price for the thirty minute ride but for the Living Social price (that included a free drink) I thought it was a pretty cool.

In case you were wondering this is how Truman celebrates having his own space...

 And also this...

We finished up our trip by meeting my friend Jesus for happy hour. He moved from Denver to Las Vegas in May and it was great to see him. We grabbed happy hour at Simon in the Palms Place and it was great. Much quieter than other restaurants in Vegas hotels and everything on the happy hour menu was $10 or less. If you're looking for a relaxed place that still feels like your in Vegas (and has a view of a pool) you should check it out.

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Very Vegas Birthday

I decided I wanted to do something for my 30th birthday. And then I decided that I wanted to go somewhere. Where better to go than Vegas to see Britney Spears? It was fun and silly and a great weekend spent with my husband. Just the way a 30th birthday should be. 

 Silver ducky! At the new SLS Hotel.We thought the design of this place was pretty cool but nothing amazing (other than the ducky of course).  

 We stayed at the Palms and the rooms had the silliest collection of oddly shaped furniture pieces. Does anyone really utilize these?

 At the pool right before the bro pool party started. It was fun people watching (what up pregnant cocktail waitress in a bikini!?) and I sort of adore Vegas pools. 

 Birthday dinner was at Nove on the 52nd floor of the Palms. I think the theme of this trip was awesome views. It was a pretty cool place to to eat dinner. 

And finally, the main event: Britney!!!

 And our seats got upgraded! Our tickets were midway up the 200s section and they upgraded us to the 6th row of the 100s. The seats were great and the show was really fun. 

See, there's Brit Brit. 

And there she is in the ring of fire. Britney may have been a bit...um...medicated during the show. The fire made me a little nervous for her. Keep it in the middle Brit. 

After Britney we got some of those giant slushy drinks (thanks groupon). The Vegas check list was nearly complete. 

Our final stop was Ghostbar on top of the Palms. It may not have been our scene but the view as fabulous and the tickets were comped. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Yellowstone and Grand Teton Camping

Ever since I moved to Colorado I have a history of saying things like, "holy shit, we're only 6 hours from [insert random attraction in the middle of nowhere]. Where did I move!?" Shortly followed by, "we should go." Remember the time I made Truman go to South Dakota with me? Well this year we realized (1) we're only 8 hours from Grand Teton National park and (2) we didn't have any Labor Day plans. Truman usually goes hiking on labor day or my birthday falls near that weekend but this year neither was true so we decided to take a (somewhat) last minute trip out to Grand Teton. And, heck if we're driving out to Wyoming we might as well visit Yellowstone while were at it. 

Unfortunately, not only do we have a history of random road trips. We also have a history of getting crap weather. Right as we finished the 9 hour drive into Yellowstone these dark clouds rolled in and opened up. Dear weather channel.com, this is not a "thunderstorm." This is 24 hours of rain. 

Thankfully, we had a couple hours in the afternoon (you know, when thunderstorms are suppose to happen) of dry-ish weather. So we got to walk around and see the geysers. Honestly, even if it had been pouring rain we probably would have walked around anyway. 9 hours is a long time to be in a car. 

Almost better than the geysers was the silly warning signs that accompanied them.

Our night in Yellowstone was cold, rainy and involved camping near bros. Thankfully, the accommodations in Grand Teton National Park were an improvement. The first day was still drizzly but not nearly as cold as the previous day. We went for a 5 mile hike around a lake and up park of the mountains and then took a little boat back across the lake. 

 Hidden Falls, near Jenny Lake. You can take a boat and then walk up here but we decided to add a couple miles and walk around the lake...gotta get your steps in. 

Truman got hungry and I got cold so we decided to take the boat back. Plus boats are fun. 

The tent camp sites in Teton were much better than the one we stayed in in Yellowstone. And the couple staying next to us were some very nice folks from Amsterdam who we introduced to S'mores. On our way out the sun finally came out. I never did get my perfect picture of the Tetons but it was still a fun trip. 

Handsome husband.