Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Silly Pictures

I think the annual silly picture recap is my favorite post of the year.  You can see previous year's silly pictures here, here, and here

In February I got Truman this awesome shirt for valentine's day. Pretty sure he hasn't actually worn it. Whatevs. 

In March we went to a wedding in the mud, nothing says wedding fashion quite like Sorels. Toto, I don't think we're in LA anymore. 

At the end of March Katy entered our lives and our walks had to get longer. Which means Olivia got a sweet ride. 

In June we walked in the pride parade and hung out with a condom. This was almost our Christmas card but Truman vetoed. 

We also took Katy on her first camping trip. She liked the tent almost as much as she liked face licking. 

Tubing with Katy in July. 

The dog has her own sleeping bag. 

Tiny cup at Sabor 

Rockin' a sexy train conductor look while painting the ceiling in our bathroom. 

Rain gear at the John Legend concert at Red Rocks. 

Vegas was all kinds of silly. 

More rain while visiting Yellowstone National Park. I had a lovely chat with a beaver though. 

Happy 11th birthday Olivia!

Katy graduated from dog school in October. 

The dogs and I had a selfie photo shoot while Truman was away at a conference. 

Taking pictures for the "Roll up your sleeve and vote" campaign got a little frisky. 


Katy is a pillow thief. 

 Guilty! Katy was caught red pawed after eating Truman's Christmas present. 

And we end with the hottest picture of the year. Truman and I lookin' fly before getting in our go carts to race my parents during our trip to California. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A California Christmas

I love Christmas in California. People wax poetically about a white Christmas...but clearly none of those people have spent Christmas in California. Warmth and sunshine are where it's at. We spent Christmas eve with the Gonzalez family (and I didn't take a single picture) and then Christmas day with the Mulligans. We spent the next couple days bumming around Southern California, meeting up with friends from college, discount shopping at the swap meet, eating a ton and cuddling with friend's dogs. Per usual, it's a few days later and I'm already home sick. 

With my parents on Christmas day 

 Selfies at Newport Beach 

 We saw a seal! (or maybe sea lion, I'm not really a marine biologist).

 My parents dog Tyson. It was a little colder in California than either of us (me and the dog) were hoping for. Don't believe me about the cold? Watch this hilarious Kimmel segment (it's actually a year old but still totally accurate):

Finally getting to visit with Lindsay, one of my college roomies. 

Visiting with David. There's no place like home.  

 Truman's college roomie has the most awesome little dog. Bowser and I are besties. 

We took my parents on a food tour in San Juan Capistrano the tour was a bit disappointing (not nearly as good as the one we went on in LA) but it was nice to spend time with my parents. 

Go Karting in Murrieta

Have you been to one of these high speed go cart race tracks yet? They're sort of cropping up all over and while we haven't been to the one near our house yet we did check out the one in Murrieta while we were home for Christmas. My dad wanted everyone to go and we had a great time. 

You probably shouldn't talk about religion or politics at family Christmas but you can definitely talk about who kicked butt at go carting. 

Chrissy and Brandon 

 Truman and me




We're not totally sure how it was measured (fastest lap? fastest average?) but Truman managed to come in first. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Bathroom Update

Over the summer we decided to update our bathroom, I would have posted this sooner but I've just been super lazy about taking the "after" pictures.

We bought our house from an 80 year old woman. And her taste was very ...80 year old woman. There was a peach bedroom and most the walls were a color I'm calling "butter". It was lovely. One of the crown jewels was the downstairs bathroom. The vanity didn't even line up with the mirror (which was actually a medicine chest which was not only off-center but also installed backwards). The light fixture also didn't line up, at least they were consistent.

The upside to having a small bathroom is that it's a manageable DIY project. We painted, installed a new light fixture and hardware, put in a new vanity and storage cabinet, and put in a faucet that wasn't the cheapest one Lowe's sold (we're fancy y'all).

Here are some before pictures:

Not pictured: the lights had rust on the back. 

Dear former homeowners, people usually put mirrors in the middle of the vanity. 

And the After pictures:

 Vast improvement right? Granite counter top, a mirror that hung correctly (It's not quite as high up as it looks in this picture. Taking pictures of small bathrooms is hard), and a faucet you can actually fit your hands under. The last thing to do is to replace those shower doors with clear glass.

You can see the wall color a little better here. It's a light green, sea foam kind of color. We also painted the ceiling a clean white (it was butter before...who paints a ceiling yellow!?).

Squirrel! I just couldn't say no to this little guy.