Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Review

A couple friends from law school sell Arbonne and were putting together a "30 day challenge" in January. As I mentioned before, I don't believe in "cleanse" diets and it seemed a little overpriced but I decided to try it because I wanted to loose some weight I didn't think I could be accountable to a diet if I was the only one participating. Plus, this made the task of dieting a little more mindless because the meal plans were emailed out each week.

Review of the Arbonne kit itself: My kit came with a whole mess of stuff. 2 protein shake mixes (chocolate and vanilla), 2 packs of energy fizz sticks (pomegranate and citrus), 2 herbal detox teas, 1 fiber boost, a packet of digestion plus and a seven day cleanse. The "challenge" that I was part of (which was lead by an Arbonne consultant) also included weekly recipes. Generally speaking I don't think I'd pay Arbonne prices for most this stuff (even though with Arbonne there always seems to be some sort of sale so you never end up paying the retail price) but I did actually like most of it. It wasn't a miracle product but I think it helped me get on the right track.

Protein shakes - I actually really like the chocolate. The vanilla isn't really my thing but I actually ended up ordering more of the shake mix because I liked it so much.
Fizz sticks - when your trying to drink water instead of your second soda of the day these do take the edge off. I liked the taste of them but I think Crystal Light would have a similar effect at a much lower price. I will say that if you're going to drink the 7 day cleanse stuff these are pretty essential.
Detox tea - I can't really tell you if I was "detoxed" or not but the taste was actually pretty good. I didn't mind them but for the price (and my lack of belief) I might stick with the $3 Celestial Seasonings stuff.
Fiber boost - I liked adding fiber to my shakes, that seems logical to me. You couldn't really taste it so I don't have much of a review. I definitely used it all up though.
Digestion plus - This is similar to the fiber. I think that adding pro-biotics to a shake or smoothie makes a lot of sense. You can't taste this stuff in a shake and I did use it all up but before I invested again I would want to do some research on effectiveness and price of other options.
Seven day cleanse - When added to water and some fizz sticks this stuff ended up tasting like flavored iced tea. I actually enjoyed the taste. I can't actually say if it did anything though. I drank one pack a day for 7 days and stuck with my normal healthy eating. I do think it made my poo a little looser (hey, if you're reading this review you googled over to this blog and I know you wanted to know if the stuff would give you diarrhea....it doesn't) but I didn't notice much other than that. I didn't drop a ton of wait that week and I didn't really feel any differently.

So the only product I reordered was the protein shake. The rest of the stuff wasn't bad I just didn't think I needed it given the price. Between using the items in this kit and eating "clean" (read: no diary, no bread, no white rice, no sugar...no fun) I lost roughly five pounds during January. Honestly, for all the change in diet I was hoping for a little more but five pounds is a good start.

Review of the diet: As I mentioned in a previous post, I didn't love the diet. I think it help me accomplish my goal of retraining myself how to eat but it definitely isn't something that necessarily sustainable for me. Plus, I don't believe in a lot of the "science" behind it. I don't think gluten or dairy are bad. And I don't think that I want to live my life without ever eating sugar (although less sugar than I was eating in 2014 is a good thing). What was great about it was that it got me back to eating healthier and eating less. Both good things. I've since added back in some food I love (we had bread and apple butter last night...so scandalous) and while the weight loss is a little slower it's also more enjoyable. Last week was restaurant week in Denver and we went to two three-course meals and I still manage to drop 2.5-3 pounds in February.

Overall: I was glad I did this. I don't think that dieting on my own would have been great for me initially. I saw this diet as a jump start and a way to reset my eating and exercise patterns. In a quest to loose weight a little quicker I joined a gym and started going to Pilates again. It's now March and I've been consistently exercising 3-5 times a week. More than the diet, I actually think moving more is really helping me to feel better about myself. It's been two months since the start of the Arbonne program and I'm eating better, drinking about half the soda that I used to, and moving more. It's definitely not magical but for me it was a good way to get started.