Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Adventures

It's almost labor day! That means that summer is winding to a close and I'm pretty excited to have some closure on summer. It's been a rough one. Just because we had a stressful few months doesn't mean that we didn't get some fun out of summer. Here are some of the highlights from our outside adventures. 

These are some of my favorite pictures of Olivia. We were planning to on a hike so Truman packed a couple sandwiches (in a reusable bag because we are hippies) and set it down. Olivia nabbed it and would not give it up. After a pretty impressive tug of war Truman decided to trade her a piece of hot dog for the sandwich bag. I found this hilarious. This dog is awesome and she just keeps surprising us. Back in January the vet gave her "weeks or months" to live...and in July she was still stealing sandwiches. It's pretty awesome. 

In July we went on a fun day hike up Mt. Flora a peak near berthoud pass that's just under 14,000 feet tall. We hiked about 6 miles and it wasn't painful which was pretty great. I guess some of those exercise classes are paying off. 

Every August some friends of ours plan a tubing trip outside of Lake George, CO. Last year we bought a two person pool raft for Katy but she popped it pretty quickly. This year we tossed her on top of Truman which she was pretty skeptical about. It made for some hilarious pictures though. 

 Happy Truman, skeptical Katy. 

 Brave Katy.

 Selfie attempt. 

 This is Katy's thinking face. 

The crew (minus Truman who was taking the picture and Leonard who was fishing).