Saturday, July 2, 2016

DIY Bathroom Remodel

Denver's housing market is insane so when we bought our house last year we knew that we'd be buying a house that needed some updates. When we bought the house the bathroom was a hot mess. A rose colored toilet and bathtub, a weird soffit that house a florescent light, floral wall paper, terrible laminate flooring...mess!

We started renovating the bathroom in October...and we got about 80% done before we hosted Thanksgiving in November. Truman did all the demo and we hired a tile guy to do the shower but we did everything else ourselves and, not going to lie, it got a little stressful at the end. Maybe people who work 60+ hours every week shouldn't DIY there own bathroom. 

Thankfully, the wallpaper came off really easily. The, that was another story. The subfloor was uneven in parts, had holes in others. Once we got it level (there was an unfortunate event with some self leveling concrete though) tiling the floor was actually easier than I thought it would be. 

So we got the bathroom functional by Thanksgiving and then we never looked back. We just went back to being work aholics and had a not-quite-done bathroom fro eight months. This last week we final got out act together and put the finishing touches in place.  Now that we have baseboards and a framed mirror I love it! Here are pictures of the finished room:

I'm not only proud of the way this came out, I'm also proud that we did it on a budget. We got a new vanity, new marble counter top, added a second sink, new flooring, new marbles shower surround with glass tile inlays, all new fixtures (shower fixtures, 2 faucets, and two light fixtures), new toilet, a new storage piece, tools and labor all for under $6,000. Basically we gutted the bathroom and started over. Here are some ways we saved money:

  • Floor & Decor - if you live near one of these they are a great place to buy tile. All the marble and tile was cheaper there than Lowe's, Home Depot, or any stone supplier I could find online. 
  • Lowe's online "how to videos" - What can I say, you tube taught us how to tile. 
  • Craig's list! The going rate for a 60" and marble counter top was $1,400 - $2,200 even at the discount places. I found the vanity and counter top on Craig's list for $700 total. Someone had ordered the wrong size and couldn't return it. Lucky us! Same thing with that mirrored storage piece. someone was moving and I got it for $50. 
  • Framing the mirror ourselves. You can buy kits to frame out a mirror but they cost around $200 for a 60" mirror. We also looked at putting in two new smaller mirror but that also would have been a little over $240 even at the big box stores. We decided to frame the mirror ourselves using trim meant to frame out windows. All in we spent $56 on supplies and it was pretty easy to do. 
  • DIY decorations - I love my little "get naked" saying which I made in photoshop myself. 
  • Knowing your limitations - we could teach ourselves a lot of things ourselves on youtube (Installing tile? we got it! New light fixtures? We're basically pros at this point) we watched three videos and decided that tiling the shower and having it not leak was not one of them. We hired a pro and I'm pretty sure it saved us money by not having to do it twice. :) 
  • Resurfacing the tub - it turned out that the lovely pink tub was actually a really sweet, not to mention deep, cast iron tub. Getting it restored but in white was going to cost a damn fortune and buying a cheap fiberglass tub didn't make a lot of sense. We decided just go get it refinished, the guy did a great job and we've been using it every day for 8 months with no problems.